DIY Charging Harness for 1S Batteries

It’s come to my attention that this article has quite a number of discrepancies and incorrect pieces of information. Given the inherent risk associated with charging LiPo batteries, I have decided the responsible course of action is to remove the article entirely.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Charging Harness for 1S Batteries

  • This article is WRONG about charging rates! At the start of the article, the author states that this is a form of parallel charging. It is NOT. The 1S lipos are connected in series, and are charged as a multi-cell lipo. As such, the 1C charge rate is the capacity of your lowest single 1S lipo. For example, if you have 3x 1S/300mAh lipos on this harness, you would set your charger to 3S/300mAh for a 1C charge rate (NOT 3S/900mAh).

  • TweakRacer is absolutely right, this is not parallel connection but serial connection, so the voltage is a summary of all batteries which will be visible in a charger as a 3S battery (11.1V), and still 300mAh. So the current for a 1C rate for this particular example will be 0.3A

  • Thank you both for pointing out these errors. I’ve decided that given these errors, other errors, and other technical inconsistencies in my article, this isn’t a safe DIY project to be attempting. As such, I’ve decided to remove the article entirely.

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