RunCam Split 2

RunCam Split 2 FPV+HD Camera Review

The RunCam Split 2 by RunCam is the second iteration on the only viable solution that marries an FPV camera with an HD action camera using a single lens. This is an attractive offering for those looking to consolidate their builds. It’s also ideal for getting HD recording capability on smaller frames. I thought it Read more about RunCam Split 2 FPV+HD Camera Review[…]

Hypetrain Freestyle Motors

Rotor Riot Hypetrain Motors Review

I recently picked up a set of Rotor Riot’s Hypetrain Freestyle 2306 2450Kv motors for my freestyle quad build. Rotor Riot designed them and T-Motor manufactured them. They offer a unique and elegant design and claim to have a good power-to-efficiency ratio. You can get the hypetrain motors for $25.99 USD each from Rotor Riot’s Read more about Rotor Riot Hypetrain Motors Review[…]