June 6, 2017


About This Site

TheJumperWire is an assortment of technical tutorials, investigations, and product reviews, with electronics hobbyists and embedded programmers in mind. I started this site as a means to write about and share my own personal projects as well as to contribute to the online knowledge base I regularly pull from. Expect to find a variety of subject matter which is usually related to whatever I’m working on in my spare time (lately, that’s mostly been building and programming quadcopters).

I’m very much open to feedback and suggestions. Feel free to reach out on social media or use the contact form if you have any comments/questions/corrections or if you want to request an article on a certain topic.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sean Kelly, and I run this site. I’m an embedded systems software engineer with 6+ years industry experience at a major software company in the greater Seattle area. I’m interested in all things tech, with a special focus on embedded applications like quadcopters/drones/UAVs, robotics, sensors and IoT. In addition to this site, you can find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.